Happy New Year!

We have had some really valuable time off over the Christmas holidays and are now ready to get the sauces back into action! The online shop is now open 🙂   Have a happy and tomato free 2015! x

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More wonderful feedback!

We received this wonderful e-mail today via the contact form: “Thank you so much for making this sauce and the recipes too. Pretty much the only vegetable my daughter was eating before we discovered her tomato allergy was baked beans! Now I can make baked beans for her and know that she’s also getting to […]

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Hurrah! The connection is back

Following the destruction of our main server in a recent electrical storm, the replacement is finally installed and systems are now fully restored. We are back to business as usual.  There is a little catching up to do over the next couple of days, and we are sincerely sorry for any delays experienced in getting […]

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